terça-feira, 29 de setembro de 2009

Dulce Pontes, Jorge Palma e Toranja

Dulce Pontes, Cancao do Mar

Jorge Palma, Encosta-te a Mim

Toranja, Lacos


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Aledys Ver disse...

Ohhhhh my favourite song by Dulce Pontes: Cançao do mar!! I absolutely love it, she has such a terrific voice.
I know that fados are totally different, but it somehow reminds me of the tango phenomenon, born from nostalgia, heartache, longing for the loved one, etc.
Very nice, Presépio, muchas gracias!

Presépio no Canal disse...

So nice you enjoyed :)
This song is my favourite too :)
Do you know that your country is very important in my love story with my husband? We never been there, but the music of Astor Piazzola and the restaurant Paparucha in Lisbon did almost everytihng ... ;0)

VagaMundos disse...

Sempre bom som lusitano :)

Aledys Ver disse...

Noooo, I can't believe it, Presépio!! I'd like to hear more about that... if I can! :) Did you two dance a tango?